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Meditating Metallic Bronze Look Lotus Sitting Buddha Statue NEW
US SELLER Handmade Throat Chakra Mala Blue Chalcedony Lotus Charm Necklace 8mm
Lot 10 White Sage Smudge Stick 4" to 5" Wands House Cleansing Negativity Removal
Sage Bundle Smudge Kit 5 Stick SAMPLER White, Black, Blue, Cedar, Dragons Blood
Beautiful hand hammered Tibetan Meditation Yoga Temple Bell Singing Bowl set 6"
NEW St Joseph Statue Home Seller Selling Kit Saint House Figure & Instruction
Russian bear leads investors to collectibles
Included in the sale was El Greco’s Saint Dominic in Prayer, which set the record for the ... A patriotic conquest of the West There is also the factor of the recent high net worth individuals (HNWIs) looking to repatriate their nation’s cultural ...
Skylanders Giants Collectibles Guide: Overview
One of Skylanders Giants main focuses is definitely the collecting aspect: being able to play as all the Skylanders is no easy task, since you’ll have to track down all the figures that have been released for this game, as well as some that have been ...
Antiques & Collectibles
It’s that time of year again when collectors flock to New England to vie at three major auctions for decoys and other bird carvings, many of them from important collections. The first of the annual two-day sales is Decoys Unlimited’s auction ...
Antiques & Collectibles: Royal Doulton jardiniere may be part of a set
Antiques & Collectibles: Royal Doulton jardiniere may be part of a set By ALYCE HAND BENHAM, For The Press The Press of Atlantic City Media Group Question ... Popular from the 1880s, mesh purses made from sterling, plated or German silver ...
Take a look at the Comic Con 2013 exclusive collectibles lineup
There’s no bigger event in the US for fans of pop culture than the San Diego Comic Con. Every year it seems the event gets bigger and bigger, and every year there are more reasons to attend. If you’re not going this year, take a look at some of the ...
6 Palo Santo Wood & 2 White Sage Smudge Sticks: Cleansing Negativity Removal
Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks Ecuadorian ( 20 pcs) #JC-64
5 x White Sage Smudge Stick / Wands: 4 to 5 " House Cleansing Negativity Removal
Messianic prayer shawl "Tallit" 72x22IN Med Blue w/white Kippah **SPECIAL**
White Sage Smudge Stick 4" - 5" 2 pack, Herb House Cleansing Negativity Removal
White Sage Smudge Stick 4" - 5" 3 Pack (Herb House Cleansing Negativity Removal)
3 Rose Petal, Lavender,Sage And Mugwort Smudge Sticks Native American Made
1PC Sandalwood Buddhist Meditation 8mm*108 Prayer Bead Mala Bracelet Necklace
Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks Ecuadorian ( 10 pcs) #JC-64
California Mini White Sage Smudge Incense 3"-4" Bundle (3 pcs)
10 Stick Lot of Palo Santo Wood (Incense Smudging Cleansing Blessing)
Palo Santo Sticks High Quality 100 sticks
BOGO BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Fast Cash Money Oil Love Oil Attraction Protection Oil
Abalone Shell, Stand & 7 Sage Smudge Sticks COMPLETE SAMPLER KIT (Cleansing)
Sage Smudge Kit: White Sage Mini Abalone Shell Black Salt Smudging Directions
California Mini White Sage Smudge Incense 3"-4" Bundle (20 pcs)
Abalone Shell, 6" Tripod Stand and White Sage Smudge Stick: House Cleansing Kit
Palo Santo Sticks High Quality 50 sticks
Leather Triple Moon Goddess Embossed Book of Shadows w/Moonstone Center!
1 White Sage Smudge Stick 4" - 5" House Cleansing Remove Negativity WHOLESALE
Palo Santo Incense 100 fresh sticks (4+inches long)
St. Jude Silver Pendant Saint Jude Medal St. Jude Thaddeus Necklace
Chime Spell Candles: Black, Mini 4" Box of 20 (NEW) Pagan, Wicca, Altar
3 White Sage Smudge Bundle Incense-Herb Wand 4- 5" Long House Cleansing Negative
Jesus Crucifix Saint St Benedict Medal Cross Pendant Necklace 24" Box Chain
Wholesale 12 PCS Boxed Rosary Bead Necklaces Ship from New York
Gold Dinosaur Menorah
Catholic Rosary Beads Wood Strong Cord Miraculous Center Men Women Brown
Amy Brown Faery Wisdom Cards Deck & Book Fairy Divination Box Set Oracle Tarot
Palo Santo Sticks High Quality 5 sticks Ecuadorian
1/2 lb Bulk Loose California White Sage Smudge Leaves & Clusters Cleansing 8 oz
"Shema" Mezuzah - BEAUTIFUL! with Hebrew Torah scroll portion
Rosary Wood Brown Jesus Crucifix Cross CATHOLIC Rosario Cafe Cruz Necklace
MINI 4" 20 ASSORTED CANDLES MAGICK SET #2 (Spell Chime Altar Wicca Ritual)
Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks Ecuadorian ( 5 pcs)
Miraculous Center Traditional Crucifix Sapphire Blue Pearl Catholic Rosary Beads
Saint Benedict Round Beads Brown Wood / Cord ROSARY with Bronze Tone Crucifix
Saint St Joseph Statue Home Selling Kit - This kit will sell your house or home
Loose California White Sage Smudge Leaves, Clusters 1 Pound 16 oz Cleansing 1lb
Shofar Kosher Ram's Horn Made In ISRAEL NEW 8" -9" Rosh Hashana
Black Metal Cauldron, Offering Bowl or Incense Censer!
Chakra 108 Buddha Beads Lava Stone Bracelet Prayer Meditation Mala Necklace Gift
12 White Sage Smudge Stick / Wands: 4 to 5 " House Cleansing Negativity Removal
Smokeless Smudge Spray White Sage & Lavender Clear Negative Energy 1oz
14.5" ST MICHAEL ARCHANGEL TRAMPLES DEMON Statue Silver & Gold Finish Sculpture
Historical WWI Military Rosary with St. Benedict Crucifix
15 Palo Santo Wood & 5 White Sage Smudge Sticks: Cleansing Negativity Removal
TZITZIT 100% Cotton Set of 4 Azul Royal Blue & White 12"
1 Sweetgrass Braid 18-24" Hierochloe Odorata Smudge
Sandalwood 108 Prayer Bead Mala Bracelet Necklace Buddhist Meditation 6mm Black
(3) Three Pack Dragons Blood Sage Smudge Stick (Cleansing Negative Energy Resin)
A++ quality Fly Agaric A.Muscaria only Caps 28g (1 oz) Dried SOMA
Mini Chime Spell Candles: 2 sets of 20 = 40 Candles (Wicca Altar) Set #2
Happy Sitting Buddha Inspirational Religious Statue New
Fly Agaric A.Muscaria only Caps 14 grams (1/2 O.Z) Dried SOMA
Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense 10 sticks (4+inches long) Meditation,Yoga, Massage
Closeout -12pc Mix Lot wholesale Religious Rosary Crucifix cross necklace(USA)
Palo Santo(Bursera Graveolens)Holly Stick 25 PCS Original From Amazons Peru!
US Hand Hammered Metal Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Chakra Yoga Singing Bowl
Palo Santo Essential Oil 100% Natural Removes Negativity Protection House Bless
Wholesale Lots Of 12pieces Crystal clear Beads Rosary Long Necklace fast ship
6 x White Sage Smudge Stick / Wands: 4 to 5 " House Cleansing Negativity Removal
3 Black Sage(Mugwort) And Lavender Smudge Sticks Native American Made
You Pick 3 Love Oil Attraction Come to Me Fast Cash Money Oil Protection Wicca
Abalone Shell, Tripod and White Sage Smudge Stick Kit for Smudging
Palo Santo Incense 25 fresh sticks (4+inches long)
Leather Celtic Tree of Life Book of Shadows Blank Spell Book Wicca
CRUCIFIX JESUS Statue LARGE 20” Wall CROSS Big Christian Religious wedding gift
Silver Plated Saint St Benedict Pendant Cross Medal/ Medalla DE SAn Benito
LOT OF 60 Sticks WHITE SAGE Incense HEM 3 TUBE OF 20 Sticks = 60 STICKS
LARGE Chakra Natural Stones Set 7 Rough Crystals Raw Selenite Stick, Directions
Bracelet of RELIC Saint Medals - Catholic Religious Saints 11 Medals
Money Magnet Oil Fast Cash Money Oil Luck Abundance Prosperity Hoodoo Wicca Oils
LARGE San Benito Medal~St Saint Benedict Pendant with 24" box Chain/card~
Prosperity Money Good Luck Stone Magick Bracelet Money Drawing Talisman Charm
4” California White Sage Smudge Stick Wand
8mm Black Volcano Stone Tibet Buddhist 108 Prayer Beads Mala Necklace
Full Moon Oracle Cards and Pouch by author of Moon Spells Diane Ahlquist 
CODY FOSTER Tiny ~ JEWELED SANTO CROWN~ Aged Gold Finish with Red Rhinestones
Small White Selenite Offering Bowl!
Authentic Tar Water- Old Conjure, Remove Negative Energy, Protection, Cleansing
California Mini White Sage Smudge Incense 3"-4" Bundle (12 pcs)
Amanita Mushrooms caps dried. 30 grams Not for human consumption!Fly agaric
Jesus on the Cross 14 inch Resin Stone Wall Cross Crucifix from Roman
Olive Wood Crucifix, Hanging Wall Cross from Holy Land - Bethlehem, Jerusalem
Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense 80 (STICKS APPROX) 1 LB SIZE BAG(4+inches long)
Blessed Catholic Rosary Necklace Olive Wood Oval Beads Jerusalem Soil Crucifix
Fun Express Virgin Mary Blessed Mother Garden Lawn Statue New
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TWU dispute stirs debate over spirituality in higher education
Both sides are missing crucial points by polarizing this issue, which comes down to: Can religion and spirituality play a beneficial role in higher education? Let’s start with the history of Western universities. Atheists like Richard Dawkins ...
It doesn’t work and might drive you crazy: More on DIY spirituality
DIY spirituality promises freedom but delivers futility ... This is not a blanket defense of religion or all traditions. Not all institutional expressions of the faith are equal. It’s to some people’s credit that they leave some churches.
Vanderbilt Divinity art exhibit explores spirituality in the human face
Vanderbilt University’s Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture Program will host an art exhibition titled god:HEAD from Feb. 21 to April 26 at the Divinity School. The exhibition will focus on how artists are able to capture human ...
New Book "Divinely Attuned" Rekindles Marriages Unconventionally
“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind” – Albert Einstein. In Divinely Attuned, psychotherapist and AASECT certified sex therapist Jacqueline Richard intertwines spirituality, science and psychology to guide couples to a ...
Founders Day: finding religion in flawed communities
Instead, many favor a narcissistic faith free of structure centered around the self, which they defend as the pursuit of “spirituality.” Daniel combats these sentiments by detailing the benefits of partaking in organized religion ...
Spirituality is the key to Chinese medicine treating the whole person
The essence of Chinese Medicine lies in spirituality, religion and philosophy making it quite different from western medicine. Chinese Medicine is based on belief and traditional Chinese healing rituals The spirituality lies in the Chinese pharmacy ...